Sri Lanka is on the brink of an epidemic of liver disease. The lives of not only many adults but also children are snuffed out as they desperately await a liver transplant. The waiting lists are long and only a handful of patients have the wherewithal and the connections to travel overseas for treatment. 

The main issue for this sad plight is the lack of infrastructure and facilities to perform liver transplantation in the country. There is a dire need for a dedicated centre to save the lives of these patients.

To meet this need, a charity named ‘Revive liver fund’ has been launched to build dedicated operating theatres and ICU facility as an expansion of existing services of CNCLD.

Aims of the REVIVE Liver Fund

1. To construct the proposed building to expand operating theatres and intensive care facility
2. To maintain the newly constructed unit with up to date equipments
3. To financially support the patients in need
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Colombo North Centre for Liver Diseases,

Faculty of Medicine,
University of Kelaniya,
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